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About Boxing Workouts 

These Mixed  and Ladies only classes are suitable for all levels - from beginners upwards.

Boxing Workouts are perfect for somebody looking to begin boxing training and keep fit. These sessions involve basic boxing techniques; shadow boxing, bag work, circuit training, running and skipping. In a Boxing Workout you will train like a boxer - without getting hit!

It's a great way to lose weight, build confidence and learn self defence. It's also a fantastic way to drive out stess. There is nothing like pounding a heavy punchbag to get rid of the petty frustrations that modern life brings. Boxing is a good mental work out. You will learn to be alert and to co-ordinate your movements. 

Under the enthusiastic direction of Head Coach, Liam Foy these classes are guaranteed to be enjoyable and motivational. Boxing Workouts are fast becoming a popular way to lose weight, tone up and have fun.  Get involved!


Page Last Updated - 13/05/2011
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